About Us

Our students Success is our number one priority.

We bring the best in real estate education and support to our students with a focus on all aspects of commercial multi-family, residential property. Our “3C” educational goals are to offer Clear, Comprehensive educational training, Customized for each individual regardless of experience and backed by the best customer service in the industry. Our team is honest, approachable and supportive.



REO Note Profits, teach you their clients to create massive wealth through the purchase or flipping of commercial real estate REOs and notes at the unbelievably discounted prices available right now, regardless of your experience in real estate.

It is all about finding the deal and structuring the deal. Your profit is made when you buy. Once you find and control the deal, the money you can make with that deal is astronomical. REO Note Profits provides you with a done-for you system providing you with all of the tools you need to do this business. Everything you need to find the deal, analyze the deal, create the offer, and exit or hold and fund the deal for massive profits.
Again,regardless of your experience! Check out our Events and our Businesses in a Box by clicking here!

About the Founder Sue Nelson

Sue and her partners own and operate over 1,500 apartment units across the United States and she is heralded as one of the world’s leading experts on commercial and residential real estate.

You have probably seen her on NBC, ABC, CBS or the FOX network – or on one of many stages worldwide – sharing her wealth building strategies. Sue began just a short 9 years ago as an art teacher with no financial experience and has since created a complete education company consisting of her home study programs, events, coaching and masterminds. Her favorite saying is “If she can do it so can you!”

Sue has constructed almost every type of creative real estate deal: commercial short sales, loan modifications, options, master leases, JV agreements, note buys, you name it. She has repositioned all of her assets to create massive value and is the queen of understanding how to cash-flow apartments and ferret out hidden pitfalls overlooked by even the most experienced investors.

Sue created a powerful software program that analyzes property as if she herself was looking over the investor’s shoulder. Along with her comprehensive Home Study Courses She has also developed and implemented her own very successful coaching curriculum. Through this company Sue has coached very experienced real estate investors and beginner students to acquiring huge portfolios. She is infectiously passionate about the industry and knows how to make learning fun. Sue commands attention immediately with instant credibility from her real-life experience.

One of Sue’s key strategies is buying apartments in the form of REOs and notes from failing U.S. banks. The banking crisis has created an opportunity to acquire commercial properties at deep discounts and Susan’s students have proven these opportunities can be found from anywhere.

Sue will show you how to profit massively from real estate acquisitions in your own backyard, and in other markets far away. This window of opportunity will be open for the next two and a half years so don’t miss her on our program as her strategies are incredible and her passion for Real Estate is infectious!

The Stage…

Sue has spoken on large national and international stages from as far as Sydney Australia to the entire United States. She’s shared the stage with Bill Cosby, Suze Orman, Laura Bush, Rudy Giuliani, Lance Armstrong, Steve Forbes, Erin Brockvich, Larry King, Ron LeGrand, Bob Bluhm, Jeff Adams, Larry Goins, Bob Diamond, Cameron Dunlap, Chris Bowser, Than Merrill, Nick Sidoti, James Smith, Ryan Smith and many others.