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Below are a few wonderful written testimonials we have received over the past year…

“Hi Sue, We are so grateful to you. This weekend is a game changer, and the “Go Big” bus boot camp was the highest quality training we’ve ever had. It was also a bonus not only to meet you, but to have those moments of conversation. You’re an ambitious person, and it is a pleasure to know you.” Pamela & Cara from IL

“Hi Sue, If anybody had any doubts about whether or not your bus tour really happened, the fact I was right behind Ed on the bus video just wiped that doubt away…instant verification – BRILLIANT documentation!!! As usual you captured the hearts and minds of CTREIA tonight, what amazing enrollment participation. Wait till they see you on the 20th of April and hear about the Boot Camp – they won’t know what hit them. I am so blessed to have you in my life and to be a part of this amazing journey you have created. Thank you for the trust you put in my ability to give a coherent testimonial. Thank you for the hope, joy and enlightenment you bring to my life. With utmost gratitude.” Sheila A from CT

“Sue, It was a pleasure getting to talk to you some more this past weekend. I had an amazing experience with the crew and the audience. Thank you for pushing me to go; it was well worth the trip and money. I hope to sign up for the coaching pretty soon. I honestly was blown away with how beneficial the tour was. You guys worked really, really hard to make it a great value, so please pass along my thanks to your team. I look forward to working with you all in the future. Best regards” Roby S from MD

“I received my course!! Excellent Jump Start Call… I’m getting busy studying! Thank you for such professional materials!” Arlene Turner M from VA

“Sue Thank you so much for spending time with me in the strategy session. I learned a lot, and also got more motivation by knowing the deals are real and they can be done. Again, thank you very much for your help today.” Christine Hsu from IL

“Hello Sue and staff I have already looked at your analyzer and your power point explanation on Monday following your seminar in Charleston, SC. It seems to me to be the best money I ever spent. What a powerful tool! It got me really motivated. P.S. Thanks for getting this information to us so quickly!” Armin W from SC

“I am so excited about your program Sue, you are awesome! All the questions that I have always had, I can finally ask somebody who knows what they are talking about and is so free to share.” Diane from PA

“I love your program! It’s so full of great information!” Tim from CT

“Another thing that I love in your course is the “lingo” part of it and being able to “talk the talk.” Gordon from CA

“I got your package and I’ve been tearing through it. It’s amazing information. I would consider myself a seasoned investor both commercially and residentially and this thing is just jam-up and jelly-tight full of good stuff and I appreciate you getting back to me! I’ve sent you a couple questions and I’ve never been in a coaching program where the writer of the program or the coach responded back so quickly. That’s a hat off to you for sure!” Daniel from TX

“Thanks again for all the information. You’ve done such a great job. You’ve put it together in such a simplified way. Anybody can take it and just run with it.” Saleen from NY

“I went through your DVDs and I thought they were wonderful!” Steve from OH

“You’re an easy person to follow. I like the way you explain things. I can really get it. ” Barbara from FL

“I went through the book, circled, underlined, and highlighted and I completely get that there is so much love in that book. It was so clear to me and it is like you’ve done it with your heart in it.” Saleen from NY

“You’re empowering Sue. You really are. You’ve got great stuff! I know this is going to work, calling all the banks and having what to say in front of you is really a help” Bill from CA

“I was going through everything, looking at the DVDs, going through the book, and everything that is on there. I was like WOW, this is phenomenal” Eddie from FL

“Your suggestion about calling people back, which I have already called, was very helpful. I did get some people to call me back!” Judith from WI

“I’m surprised. It turned out to be quite a bit easier than I expected!” Dan from NY

“That was great motivation. I really love your package and I’m really going after it! It’s very interesting. Thank you very much!” Praveen from MA

“It was very gratifying to get calls from people who were on your call” Judith from WI

“Excellent job clarifying that. I needed to hear it from a seasoned professional” Larry from MA

“Good experience. Ed is a wealth of knowledge and he very generously shared it with me. I learned quite a bit”. Kevin from CT

“I totally agree with what you said about if you know what you are talking about, you speak the lingo and the PDF you have as a part of your kit is terrific, as for asking the right questions and if you have some confidence when talking to brokers. I have never been asked for proof of funds, ever! If you talk to them and tell them what you want, it’s amazing! They will do anything for you!” John from TX

“Hi Sue This is a great call. I’m learning so much about partnerships and other things, all bills paid buildings. This is really, really helpful.” Judith from WI

“I love this business. I’m so glad, I found you through Dave Lindahl. Who is a great guy as well!” Judy from CA

“It gives me credibility, just the very fact that I am working with you!” Judith from WI

“We have learned so much. We were just talking about it. I cannot even believe it. One moment with Ed is like a month with somebody else! It is just wonderful. He’s great! I have learned so much!” “We’re definitely making progress, which, is really wonderful and exciting and we’re learning so very much.” “Thank you, Sue. Thank you Ed. You guys are great!” Sandy from CA

“I joined your Diamond Coaching a couple weeks ago and I’ve been working with Ed. We’ve gotten off to a good start. I’ve got a couple properties that I’m looking at and he’s been giving me some great advice!” Barton from MA

“That was a good golden nugget!” “I just finished reading the whole book. Everything is very well done!” Macodou from Washington, D.C.

“I want to thank you. I’m getting a lead abatement grant on one of my properties. It’s amazing! It looks like they are going to do all the work for me which is unbelievable!” Tolga from Washington, D.C.

“I bought your program; bought the Diamond Coaching two weeks later and I have two deals in the works!… Thanks to you!” Marilyn from PA